Client Testimonials

“My quality of life has improved so much since working with Alison!  From my experience she is a talented and compassionate homeopath! I have two lung diseases and have not had to take prednisone or antibiotics since I have started using homeopathic remedies. Even my lung specialist is impressed by my results. I think everyone should consider homeopathy to improve their lives.”

-Roxanne, MN


“Alison has guided me and my family for many years now and I have come to wholly embrace homeopathy as part of our family health tool box!   My boys, aged 7 and 4, have been supported and healed homeopathically since they were babies.  When acute symptoms arise, it is wonderful to know that we are addressing and healing the whole body and deeper imbalances rather than just put a temporary band-aid on the obvious symptoms.   Alison works tirelessly to find the right remedy to keep us all healthy and we are forever grateful to her for all of her love and devotion to her work and our family’s wellbeing.  Thank you Alison for everything.”

 -Michelle, Bermuda


“As someone interested in proactive health and healing the root cause of a condition, I really appreciate working with Alison. I still have much to learn about this modality and am grateful for Alison’s gentle and patient approach.

This approach has helped enormously with acute conditions with my son’s bouts of sinusitis and recently my daughter’s strep throat. Thank you Alison!”

-Kerri, Bermuda


“I had stomach problems for many, many years.   The pain was something I dealt with on a weekly basis. I went to the medical doctors and they gave me prescriptions that did not work, I went to a naturopathy doctor and tried multiple natural supplements to no avail.  Then I heard of homeopathy and Alison’s practice.  I thought I would give it a try.  I am pleased to say that she has found a remedy that works for me and I am so very thankful for her and her insight and skills that have taken the stomach pain away.” 

-Lori, MN


“My husband came back from Iraq with no noticeable physical injuries but many unnoticeable ones. Within a year after returning these issues began to manifest. He suffered from anxiety, PTSD, depression, survivor’s guilt, insomnia, digestive problems and joint pain among others. He fought for years to convince the Army to take responsibility for them.   It was an emotional battle. His emotional health was spiraling down and he didn’t know how to stop it. He tried to hide his problems from me because he thought he should be able to handle it on his own. He would spend a lot of time in the woods or working outside in the yard, he had a short temper, he would get angry for little things and be very moody. He also would go to bed early and wake up as late as he possible could. He never slept well, but it was one way he tried to escape his problems. It just got worse over the years. It was a very gradual progression. I spent much of my time trying to hide his emotional battles from our kids and life just went on. We were glad when he seemed in a good mood, and I tried to cover for him when he wasn’t.

            About 5 years ago he finally checked himself into a hospital for help. He underwent therapy and counseling and came out a lot better but very medicated. He felt like he was pretty much in control but was living in a fog. He also felt numbed to emotion both good and bad. He went to counseling, which helped him to heal. The idea was that over the years some of the meds would be ones he could wean himself off of and some would probably be ones he would take for life. He tried to wean himself off over the next couple of years, and succeeded with a few, but still had a few he could not quit taking because when he did, he could feel, within a day or two, his mood change and anger coming back.

            I convinced him to go to Alison and try homeopathic medicine a few years ago. He was a total skeptic of homeopathic medicine. He only went because I wanted him to. Alison gave him his remedy with the idea that he would only go off his medicine when he was ready. He was afraid of what would happen if he did, so he stayed on his meds. We didn’t see a lot of change in him right away.

            He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a few months after going to Alison. He had a softball size tumor in his pancreas. His cancer was the slow progression kind and fortunately was removable. However, they would remove 1/3 of his pancreas, his duodenum, gall bladder and then “replumb” his insides to bypass the parts they took out. Before his surgery he took arnica three times a day to prepare his body.

            The surgery was a success, but for 9 days after his surgery he could not eat or drink anything while his body healed. I kept giving him arnica to help healing, and after a few days we followed up with his remedy. It was easy to do because it is just a tiny little ball that dissolves under the tongue. I did not tell the doctors. I was afraid they wouldn’t understand.

            When he couldn’t eat or drink anything for over a week, he had no way to take all the medication he had been on. He never once felt he needed any meds and he didn’t ask about them. By the time he could take meds again, he knew he didn’t need them. He hadn’t felt this good emotionally in years! He felt clear and in control. There was no way he was going to take his meds unless he needed them.

            It has been about 3 years, and he has continued to improve without ANY medication. He is happy, even tempered, and even more well adjusted than when we were first married. This man is the kind, thoughtful, ambitious wonderful father who plays with his kids that I married. I hadn’t realized how much he had changed over the years, but I am sure glad his old self is back. I am very thankful that God sent homeopathic medicine and Alison to our area.”

-Wonell, MN


“Like many of you who may be reading my testimonial, I WANTED to believe in homeopathy more than I actually did. I am a believer now with no reservations.  I have been on several healing journeys with Alison and each one deepens my trust and respect for her.  I trust her now with symptoms that would have sent me running for the hospital!  Her gentle intuition guides her to a remedy that is so precisely what I need that in no time I’m leaning into life, feeling my body find its balance. It isn’t magic…  it’s Homeopathy!” 

-Wendy, Bermuda


“I had only heard the name Homeopathy.   I had no biases one way or the other.   A friend of ours had a very sick child and searched everywhere for help with no success.   One day I met her in town and she looked like the weight of the world had been lifted from her shoulders.   Her child was finally getting better and doing well.   What doctor did you see, I wanted names.  All she said was that Homeopathy had saved her child in a very short time.   Wow, I thought I should try this.  I had been diagnosed with Eczema on my legs and none of the drugs treatments were successful.   I used creams, salves and just about anything that said it would help.  So because of my friends success with her child I tried Homeopathy.   I went to a lecture given by Alison and was immediately struck but her loving presence and  intense focus on helping people.  

After one year of no chemicals ingested, just a Homeopathic remedy, my Eczema is gone.   I do not know how else to recommend Alison and Homeopathy but to say it is a healing combination with absolutely no downside, only better health and wellness to the upside.”  

-Joe, Bermuda


“When I first came to you I used essential oils throughout the fall and winter as the “bugs” went around.  I kept several bottles of “Inner Defense”  on hand – a combination of Thieves, oregano, and other oils.  I have not used “Inner Defense” or any other essential oils since I got my remedy.  In fact, I have given it all away so it wouldn’t go to waste.  My remedy keeps me healthy.  Last winter I had one mild cold in the fall and that was the extent of any sickness.” 

-Kathy, MN


“Our experience with homeopathy has been nothing short of terrific.  We as a family have had life altering experiences and on an individual basis have become so much healthier.  I wish I had been on board many years ago…We realize that our meeting Alison was for much more than to be friends on the soccer fields with our kids.

One big plus in my eyes is that we have a teenager and we have no worries that she will begin to snort or drink or pop any extra medication or over the counter drugs we may have on hand, as we have NONE!  We all think we know our children and can guide them and teach them, but we can never be totally sure they will not conform to peers and the pressure.  The fact that there is not a chance of this happening while in our home make her teenage years so much easier for us.  One less concern.

We began using homeopathy and met Alison our homeopath when our son came down with viral pneumonia and our family doctor said it had to take its course and there was nothing else he was able to do.  We were pumping medication into him every two hours during the day and during the night.  It became extreme where he was losing weight, had no appetite due to taking the medications and just not improving.  Alison reached out to us, discussed our son and his symptoms and concerns and she offered a remedy and within 3 days his pneumonia was gone and within 48 hours he was back to sleeping all night and not coughing all night.  It was a true miracle.  The hardest part was to ignore the desire to keep medicating him as that is what we are all taught, just keep trying one medication to counter balance another one.  Alison was very supportive with our needs in helping us to understand the dynamics of homeopathy and the challenges that traditional medicine will create for future issues and how the whole being is dependent on how well we treat ourselves.

Alison has since taken on his case and our two daughters and two grandchildren.  We have since seen all of them improve with their health now that we have them using homeopathy.  They no longer have asthma or allergies.  Their skin has improved and we are much more driven to eat healthier.  My grandchildren have had blood levels improve that traditional medicine could not touch. Alison has been there every step of the way with guidance, explanation and support.  I have referred Alison to my niece (15 years old) who suffered with psoriasis and was very distraught with her skin and shameful to be seen.  She is now not concerned and is healed of this disease and we attribute this to the workings of Alison and her persistence with our upkeep with homeopathy.

This experience has been a blessing and I have seen my share of miracles to promote this to as many people as I can.”

– Mel, PA


“Colleen had just started 7th grade and we noticed she had skin problems.  I took her to a local dermatologist.  The doctor did not diagnose her right away.  I do not remember how many appointments we went to before they figured it out, with each visit there was a prescription to be filled with some type of lotion.  None of these worked.

Needless to say, we were very frustrated.

We then heard about laser treatments that fix psoriasis.  The most “local” doctor that performed this was an hour’s drive away.  We went in the fall.  The first visit the doctor advised us to do the laser treatments in the summer because she would have had to miss too much school, since she would have had to have 3 appointments a week and with an hour’s drive it would have really cut into her school time.  When we left we had yet another prescription, which did not help.  We waited till the summer, made another appointment and were advised that Colleen’s affected area was not “large” enough to qualify.  My point to the doctor was why does it have to be large, wouldn’t you want it small so that the laser would make it smaller and eventually disappear?

So with another prescription to try our hopes were pretty much gone.  We went back for another check up to see how the new prescription worked (nothing changed) and was advised about a laser treatment that we should try on Colleen.  This was the same laser treatment that we went there to begin with.  Now her spots size did not change, if anything she got more.  So this doctor was not really paying any attention to Colleen’s problem.

We did not return to this doctor.  The original local doctor’s office we tried offered the laser treatments.  We signed up for them.  She went twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays.  She missed a lot of school because her skin was like bad sunburn and since her psoriasis was on her joints, she couldn’t walk too good.  This continued for many months.  Nothing was changing except the sunburned feeling she had constantly.  She brought it to the doctor’s attention that nothing was helping.  So we decided to stop the treatments.

My sister had told me about Alison before the laser treatments but I thought I should try them.  Colleen went to see Alison in March of 2008 and Alison recommended a remedy.  Colleen took it and her psoriasis is almost gone.  She has spots where her skin is a different skin tone from the rest of her legs and arms but otherwise she’s doing great.  Alison really listened to Colleen and what was going on inside of her and outside of her.  Alison cares about her patients.  Colleen can call her and speak to her or leave a message or e-mail her and get a response very quickly.

As soon as Alison gets back in the states, I want to talk to her.  I wish we would have taken pictures of how bad Colleen’s psoriasis was so we would have then and now comparison photos.  Colleen is so happy about her results, she tells all her friends about it.”

-Mary and Colleen, PA


“Our son has suffered from eating problems and stomach issues most of his life.  Since an infant, he has had to deal with acid in his stomach.  As he got older about age 7, the problems became worse.  We had taken him to numerous doctors over the years and without putting him on strong medication, which we did not want to do due to his age, we were told he would just have to live with the problem and monitor it with his diet and antacids.  He suffered through years of this.  He also started to have headaches that at time they were so bad that he just had to go to bed and sleep them off and again we had all sorts of test done and were told that they could place him on strong medications to help control them.  At the time he was now only 11 years old and we just didn’t want to start him on meds.  We found out about Ms. Broadley and took him to see her.  She made him feel so relaxed when talking with her about how he felt that he really opened up about the way he felt.  She put together a remedy for him and after the first dosage within days, maybe 4,  he was like a different child.  Within 6 weeks we were totally shocked at how well he felt.  The child who had been eating Tums for years as if they were candy hadn’t had one for 6 weeks.  Since then he has done so well.  He has taken a couple of additional dosages about 6 to 8 months apart, and now can actually tell me when he thinks he needs one.  His treatment has completely changed the way he lives.  He eats pretty much whatever he wants and most of all he is a happy teenager now.  There have been so many times that we all have said that we just wished we had found Ms. Broadley when he was 2.”

-Tina, MA


“I have two little girls.  Cadence will be turning 6 and Kaija will be turning 3 this summer.  Cadence was born with sepsis and a life threatening infection at 2 weeks of age.  She spent the first three years of her life enduring numerous hospitalizations, tests, and surgeries.  After two unsuccessful surgeries and the loss of one kidney I began to feel like a transplant would be the only saving grace in her near future.  Then the snowball effect continued as her sister Kaija began to experience frequent nosebleeds, seizures and lack of motion and circulation in her arms and legs.  I took her to a broad spectrum of specialists who ran many upon many tests.  No one had an answer for me at all.  The only diagnosis the doctors could give me was the result of many, many lengthy blood tests which led to an extremely rare diagnosis of Alpha-One Anti-trypsin Deficiency.  A1TD is a very rare liver and lung disease which causes a shortened life expectancy and in rare cases pediatric liver disease.  We began to see a liver specialist due to Kaija having the symptoms of the liver disease.  This became even more worrisome as her liver function tests began to climb, which eventually insures a liver transplant if they become high enough.  I felt like I had nowhere to turn and the doctors began suggesting liver biopsies which is invasive and can cause internal bleeding and possibly death.  My gut feeling was not to take this risk, but I did not know what else to do.  This is when my mom who had been assisted by Alison Broadley’s homeopathy suggested a consultation with her.  I had blood work done on both of my daughters before starting the remedies.  Alison and I then talked about the girls symptoms and she suggested a remedy for each of them and I administered them to the girls at home.  Exactly one month later which was the day that the biopsy was scheduled for I had the blood tests repeated under a STAT order so that I would know the results before the biopsy was performed.  THEIR LIVER FUNCTIONS LEVELS HAD DROPPED IN HALF!!!!!  This was great news!!!! The doctors said it was impossible but we proved them wrong.   We have used homeopathy guided by Alison for almost two years now and it is THE MOST WONDERFUL REMEDY FOR EVERYTHING WE HAVE COME IN CONTACT WITH!!!!  Thank you again!!! ” 

-Nicole, PA


“I have suffered from allergies and sinus irritation for a long time and I just assumed it was part of who I was.  After having a week of debilitating sinus attacks, I decided to consider Homeopathy as oppose to conventional medicine.  I had previously looked into Homeopathy after I had my daughter, and I used Arnica Gel to help me heal.  I began to consider how as a family, we could become less dependent on medicine to ‘cure’ ailments.

 I met Alison in my work as a Doula and because I wanted to incorporate information on Homeopathy to my clients, I decided to have a constitutional workup done to assist in healing my sinus irritation.  After two weeks into my recovery I have noticed the following changes:

I have had no sinus attacks, especially the ones that would wake me up at night or the early morning sneezing;
My severe congestion has been reduced significantly (especially a.m.) and I am not constantly in need of tissues to blow my nose;
The rawness that I experience for so long at the back of my throat is minimal.
I am hopeful that I will continue to heal and that the irritations that I suffered are a part of my past.”

-Danika, Bermuda


“Shortly after having my little girl I got a breast infection and was prescribed an antibiotic which made my little girl sick after each feed.  I was given Alison’s contact information and decided to give her a ring to look for an alternative approach. From our first chat she was very warm, friendly and professional and obviously very knowledgeable in her field. I felt fully confident in her ability to assist and decided to stop the antibiotic immediately and trust in the remedy. She knew exactly what to prescribe after speaking with me. I took the remedy and noticed a difference within a couple of hours. I called her each morning, noon and in the evening to give her an update for about a week and continued to take the remedy under he advice. Within a week the infection has disappeared and I was back to normal. I was amazed at how the remedy cleared everything up so quickly. I am so grateful to know that as a family we can incorporate homeopathy into our lives and have alternative approaches. I feel completely comfortable with Alison and this experience has proven that I can trust her services wholeheartedly. I have recommended her to other friends since and will not hesitate to contact her in the future for assistance.”

-Tamsyn, Bermuda


“I have to say, I am blown away. Not just by the amazing continuous support and service you gave while both the children were sick with your acute programme, but also with the results.

 Indigo had had a frighteningly high fever from the Wednesday, 4 days, and the Tylenol was not helping or bringing it down, yet she had no symptoms and would be ok in the day so I had not been to the doctor. When Sophia recommended I call you, I did exactly what everyone else does now when I rave about you. I said that I would call, that is great to have that option, and sure, sure I’ll call her later, and I really did intend to, yet I did not bother to take down the details nor did I plan on calling right at that moment. Thank goodness, Sophia brought it up again and gave me your number and I finally had one of those moments when I thought to myself, why on earth not – how can it hurt – I do not want to sit in emergency and it is Saturday of Easter weekend so I better act now.

 The moment we spoke, you just seemed to ask the sorts of questions that not only surprised and impressed me, but made me feel like my child was not just a statistic who would get the pigeon hole treatment rather than really seeing what was wrong with her. And although the first two remedies did not bring her out of her illness, the moment you finally met her, you know exactly which remedy she needed. This says more about the way I was describing Indigo’s symptoms over the phone than anything else. I cannot believe that within 20 minutes of her receiving the second dose of the remedy, she was a completely different child. She was back to my child. She had her energy, her humour, and her body temperature back. And I was so relieved, though totally incredulous as it was early evening which was exactly the time that her fever had been spiking every day for a week.

 And equally so, I cannot believe that Oslo had had a cough since December (that is 5 months!) and that twice it had become so bad that he was vomiting from coughing, yet whenever I took him to the pediatrician, the doctor said there was nothing they could do. Of course, I was grateful he was not pumped full of antibiotics, but I still wanted this to stop as he was so sleep deprived that his behaviour was spiraling out of control. I would never even have thought to come to you for his cough, until I was bringing Indigo in anyway, so thought might as well with Oslo. You asked him about his cough, and after the first dose of the remedy, his cough was so bad that it wasn’t just when he was moving around, but became violent when he was sitting. Yet again, within 20 minutes of the 2nd dose, his coughing had totally stopped. That was 5 in the afternoon, and the next morning he coughed a tiny bit, but not enough to wake him, and nothing compared to what it had been for so many  months, and so one more dose and he was cured.

 So I have gone from being a non believer to being a total evangelist for you so thought I would let you know. I am shouting from the rooftops that although I cannot get my head around the science of it, or from my limited knowledge, what seems to be lack of science, (the whole energy thing is confusing for why doesn’t the bag take away the energy too??), all I know is that it worked. And I do not believe that there was a placebo effect with the children as both of them had been given numerous other medicines that they believed would make them better but didn’t.

So point of my endless babble is first of all, thank you, and second of all, WOW! Homeopathy is beyond my understanding, but in the same way I find it amazing that although I cannot see why two norths of magnets will not be pushed together, yet I still accept that there is an energy field there and I believe it.

 So hopefully we will always have as much success with homeopathy, and I really hope more people will come to discover how amazing a field you have chosen!”

-Sacha, Bermuda


“I have been suffering from hemorrhoids & bleeding ulcer for 3 to 4 years.  

I have consulted specialist, but found no solution but side effects with the medication.  

I was recommended to Homeopathy & Alison by my wife’s friend.  I have been on Homeopathy treatment for almost 1 & half months and do find improvement.

I have not suffered any side effects from homeopathy treatment and what is best is she has been available whenever I needed to talk to regarding my ailment.

I do thank Alison for her help & time!”  

-Rohan, Bermuda